Pencil drawings

Pencil drawings

Pencil drawings - рисунки карандашом


  • Animals

    Drawings of animals of different materials - watercolor, pastel, charcoal, acrylic, gouache, colored pencils and in different styles. In this category we will try to draw different animals: wild and domestic, sea and land, non-existent fiction and realistic, static and in motion, cute, funny, funny and beautiful animals - for girls, brutal, harsh and steep - for boys. And, of course, will be seals, which without them! :))

    Will create incremental pencil drawings - black and white and in color - different materials. These simple, easy lessons will be helpful for the beginners and children in the creation of the first schematic drawings and sketches.

  • Birds

    Drawings of birds. In this category we will draw birds, which are vast. In some ways they are similar, but something quite different. Sparrows, titmice, bullfinches, swallows, starlings, crows and many others. We will draw as pencil and acrylic, pastel, gouache, watercolor and colored pencils. We will learn to make quick sketches and detelno study drawing.

  • Plants

    Pictures of plants. This category we will replenish the lessons of drawings and sketches of plants in different techniques and different materials. We will use our favorite colored pencils and a pencil and watercolor, acrylic, pastel, gouache.

    In this category we will gradually draw the plant as a whole and their individual parts - leaves, buds, twigs, buds, etc.

  • Household items

    Draw the objects of everyday life. In this category we will have pictures of everything that is in the house - household objects and utensils, furniture, cutlery, dishes, appliances, tools and more.

  • Toys

    Toy drawings. In this category we will draw a wide variety of toys - soft, Christmas, ancient and modern. As always in the course will go different materials - a simple pencil, colored pencils, watercolor, acrylic, gouache. Will draw as sketches, drawings and more detailed study.

  • Nature

    Draw nature. Nature in the drawings of various techniques and materials. Trees, leaves, grass, sky, water-river, lake, and all that can be attributed to this category.
    Drawing in pencil, colored pencil, acrylic, pastel, gouache, watercolor, charcoal.

    In the lessons will analyze how quick sketches and much more detailed drawings.

  • Tools

    Figures tools. This category is dedicated to drawing tools - hand and elektroinstument, metal, wood and plastic, krupogaboritny and small. The tool is very interesting to draw its many details and interesting shapes. As always, try to use all the materials for painting - watercolor, pastel, charcoal, acrylic, gouache, colored pencils, and a different degree of study of the figure.

  • Clothing

    Drawing clothes. In this category a wide field for activity. Clothes draw a very interesting and enjoyable. We will draw the top clothes and underwear, hats and scarves, and any items of our wardrobe. This category will also include shoes.

    We will draw in black and white, that is, in pencil, charcoal, and in color - acrylic, pastel, gouache, watercolor and colored pencils. As usual, the pictures will be varying degrees of development.

  • Food

    Draw food. In this category we will be posting pictures as separate products - vegetables, fruits, sweets, and some meals. In general, everything connected with food must be sought here :))

  • Sport


  • City

    Drawing the city. In this category will be exhibited drawings of the urban environment - streets, buildings, objects and people in the streets, etc.