How to draw a crow pencil step by step in the hat?
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Continue to draw birds. If you remember, the eagle we have painted here, and Jay-thief here :))

So, we are fashionable crow in the hat!

Magpie and crow like each other, but differ in the length of the tail. The crow's tail is much shorter than the magpies.

  1. Originally adding circuit crows, not very pencil.
    Note the shape of the beak is slightly zagnut.
    Wing falls back on the tail.
    How to draw Jay pencil step by step? Step 1.

    Draw the initial sketch of crows.

  2. Then draw the eyes and put on his head a hat :)
    How to draw Jay pencil step by step? Step 2.

    Draw a hat on the head of a crow.

  3. The last stage of hat colour, and under the hat laid the shadow.
    Shaded lower part of the beak.
    To more clearly draw the feathers on the wings and neck.
    Added a shadow on the earth.

    And this thief ripped off and stomped on the ad :))