How to a draw a magpie in stages by pencil?
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How to draw Jay pencil? Ravaye'll get that today. 5 simple steps. This figure continues the theme of birds. If you remember, eagle we have painted hereand crow here :))

And let us, today we will be forty in the vans! It is considered that the magpies love all that glitters, so let's draw her handsome!

Forty is very similar to a crow, but differs by the length of the tail. We need opredelit some distinctive feature, if you want pattern was recognizable.

  1. Draw the outline of our birds, while without the details.
    Quite a long beak, slightly curved, the lower part is much narrower than the top.
    Long, wide tail.

    How to draw Jay pencil step by step? Step 1.

    Draw the initial sketch of the magpies.

  2. Next draw more clearly the head of the magpies, the feathers on the wings, eyes. Our forty will be slightly anthropomorphic (i.e. humanized) due to the eye - because actually her eyes are not like in the picture. Decorate Jay necklaces :)
    Feet in the upper part obramleniy feathers.
    Legs consist of three "fingers" extending forward and one back.
    How to draw Jay pencil step by step? Step 2.

    Add details to the picture.

  3. The next step brighter allocated eyes. Shaded lower part of the beak, give the volume of the beads. Draw clearer feet, notice that one foot magpies lifted up, because she walks..
    Added a shadow on the abdomen.

    How to draw Jay pencil step by step? Step 3.

    Draw the eyes, the beak and add a shadow.

  4. Add contrast on the wings, tail, and abdomen.
    Draw the shadow on the ground. And the tag on the foot :))

    How to draw Jay pencil step by step? Step 4.

    Added contrast and shadows.

  5. Well, at the last stage looking all whether we are satisfied with the picture and make the necessary corrections. And if not correct, then just draw conclusions for next time.
    How to draw Jay pencil step by step? Step 5.

    Make the necessary corrections.

    Our drawing is ready!