How to draw a daisy pencil stages ?
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Today we are going to paint daisies! The plants we've drawn here.


  1. It's simple. Draw a slanted wand, and a high rounded "head"serdtsevinka with an oval (sorry, cross-cutting the ellipse in the picture I forgot to show :) )

    How to draw a Daisy pencil stages? Step 1.

  2. Second chamomile has a low serdtsevinka. Separate rosebud has an oval shape, the top ellipse. The petals of the daisies can grow in different ways: it can grow next to each other, almost never overlapping the next, and can grow in several layers. We have the petals are rare and even have their passes in the Daisy on the right. The form can also be different. Sometimes the petals are thin at the base, and extending to the edges that are notched at the corners, with pointed, etc.
    Notice, Wal vision is that the back lobe we could not see.

    How to draw a Daisy pencil stages? Step 2.

  3. So, already with a stronger pressure on the pencil pass "shaggy" of the core in the form of small denticles.
    Add a shadow at the base of the core is thicker and lighter than the blend shadow above. And the top is lit.
    The petals of the lower level darker than the top.

    How to draw a Daisy pencil stages? Step 13.

  4. Added a shadow on the rosebud and draw the shape. Draw a jagged sheet. Notice, for example, dandelion leaf is also in the shape of Christmas trees, only its branches are directed downwards. Here, on the contrary, up.
    How to draw a Daisy pencil stages? Step 4.

  5. Well, small improvisation :))

    How to draw a Daisy pencil stages? SAG.