How to draw step by step shell pencil ?
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How to draw a seashell pencil in three simple steps?

Sea theme is very diverse. The sea gives us immense material for creativity, because marine organisms have amazing shapes and colors. Watch nature, consider the color combinations - they are the most harmonious.

So today we have an easy lesson for drawing sea shells.

  1. The first step draw the outline of the shells. Please note that the rear "tail" is visible only a little, the rest hides convex shape.

    How to draw a seashell pencil stages? Step 1.

    Draw the initial sketch of a seashell.

  2. Now draw a fan grooves. Note that the width of the grooves gradually tapering away.

    How to draw a seashell pencil stages? Step 2.

    Add seashells grooves.

  3. Next step add the shadow - self and falling. The far edge is in the shade and the relief of the shells already barely audible.
    The forward plan will make more clear. At the place of contact of the shell with the surface formed a clear outline. Display it with a sharp pencil, but not a solid white line, but only in the bend and a little on the "tail".

    How to draw a seashell pencil stages? Step 3.

    Drawing light and shade.

Our figure is ready!