How to draw a pencil wildflowers in stages ? Lessons pastel.
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How to draw wild flowers pencils? 
To draw take a standard set - pastels (crayons or pencils), paper suitable for pastels, hairspray to secure pastel on paper. The most good from affordable - it's a pastel Kohinoor Koh-i-noor) - these sets are decent in color and catches the paper. The koh-i-noor, by the way, a lot of decent products for drawing.

  1. So, let's begin. Make a sketch of wild flowers. In color they are purple and white. Accordingly, take appropriate colors of crayons or pencils. In this illustration, there are no large spaces covered with color, so a sketch can be done karandashami.
    On top I made a note of colors used in the figure. Yours may be slightly different. Just take 2-3 different shades of green - warmer and colder and so did with purple plus white. Lightness can be changed by adding white.
    Draw flower petals loop-shaped lines of different lengths. Let's use all the colors intended for the petals, and let's start with white.

    How to draw wild flowers pencil stages? Step 1.

    Draw flower petals - start with white.

  2. Next, begin to connect other colors - dark and light purple. Midway and calyx of the flower is green. Midway is not always visible depending on the position of the flower and petals.
    The pastels in this picture is not shaded, and the blend confident strokes on each other and the colors are mixed in the process. But it's important not to overdo it - to preserve the freshness and erasing of the image.
    How to draw wild flowers pencil stages? Step 2.

    Add the petals lilac.

  3. Increasing the number of colors in our bouquet on the same principle.

    How to draw wild flowers pencil stages? Step 3.

    Increase the number of colors.

  4. In conclusion, fast strokes dobovlyaem stems and thin leaves. Use different shades of green.
    Note, some of the flowers we left white.

    How to draw wild flowers pencil stages? Step 4.

    Add the stems and leaves.

Our figure is ready!