How to draw cookies pencil stages?
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How to draw cookies crayons? 

Today we will draw cookies with colored pencils. For this we take the necessary materials, to list them, I will not, they mention me in almost every class (so, if in doubt - have a look at previous).

Let me mention just a rough palette of colors used in this illustration. And this is, in fact, only a few yellow-brown, some red-orange for shade and cold. For example, gray or Indigo.

  1. Lay out a cookie and a simple pencil sketching form. Make through the draft, so it will be easier. And don't forget to switch on the perception of the contours of the object, i.e. the negative space.

    How to draw cookies pencil stages? Step 1.

    Make a quick sketch of cookies.

  2. Then quick touches of yellow and light brown pencil, fill in the form. Dial color gradually, gently without damaging the paper.

    How to draw cookies pencil stages? Step 2.

    Make the first colouring color.

  3. And then the color dialed. Look at our nature to try to understand how the color changes at different sites - it orange, but somewhere more brown and maybe even redness. But these color transitions are very smooth and sometimes barely samanthia, not your drawing Bray spots at sharp boundaries.

    How to draw cookies pencil stages? Step 3.

    Trying to see the shades and transfer them to the figure.

  4. and again, we continue to do our drawing richer and more are added at this stage shadows.

    How to draw cookies pencil stages? Step 4.

    Added saturation and shadows.

  5. Here we "make out" holes in the cookies (if you notice - the cookies with holes). Before that we just bypassed them by color (except the first coating). Now the holes on the circuit doing darker (but not on the entire circumference), and inside they are lighter as there is less fry.
    And the color of the biscuits will add a brown-red and orange.
    Note that the shadow is not uniform in its color. We know that the shadow of the cold with a warm color, but sometimes there is a warm and inclusion, as here.

    How to draw cookies pencil stages? Step 5.

    Do brown-red color.

  6. So in the end look something abstract, where we make a more clear focus.
    How to draw cookies pencil stages? Step 6.

    Make the necessary corrections.

Well, our cookies are ready!