How to draw a pencil knife in stages ?
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The knives are easy to draw and fun, in my opinion, mostly due to the handle or handles - they are raznye in form and texture. Let's narisawa to start a kitchen knife.


  1. Will hold a straight line and outline the area of joining of the handle and blade.

    How to draw a knife pencil stages? Step 1.

  2. Further planned light lines form. If you use an eraser - it will take some time before You will start to grasp the form and proportions from the first vzglada.

    How to draw a knife pencil stages? Step 2.

  3. Then, more confident lines and draw the shape of the part. Please note that at the junction of the blade and the handle is slightly visible thickness of the pen.

    How to draw a knife pencil stages? Step 3.

  4. Add shadows on the knife and on the surface of the table. The corner handles are light and it is noticeably lighter - can first apply the hatching, and then the eraser to brighten the right place. But remember that like a shadow and glare may not be homogeneous over large areas - something a little lighter, something a little darker.
    The darkest places are the places of contact between the blade and handle recesses with the surface of the table. Better to draw them in clear lines with a sharp pencil.

    How to draw a knife pencil stages? Step 4.

    Well, our knife ready!
    Draw for fun! Draw individual objects and their combinations, draw different camera angles and different illumination of objects only through practice comes confidence!