How to draw a book - step by step pencil drawing. Draw a book in colored pencils.
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How to draw a book with a pencil - this is probably one of the easiest lessons. Let's look at all stages. :)

Drawn books I really love and, moreover, in any position. Let's begin to draw a book/diary with a simple clause is put in front of him and look closely.

As always you will need a simple set of materials - a pencil or pen (who loves), eraser, paper.

By the way, at the end of this lesson, you can look at an open book


  1. So, look what angle is the book, what its aspect ratio - the ratio of width to length (standard method of measurement with a pencil at arm's length), and a light touch of the pencil to draw a rectangle. It is important to remember that if a book is well below eye level, we see almost no distorted form, but if you raise it higher, then the length will be shortened. In this case we look on the top and side.
    The thickness of the book, draw a vertical lines.

    How to draw a book with a pencil in stages. Step 1.

  2. Beginning to be more confident lines to draw the contours.
    The book has a soft shape and therefore the lines are not straight, but with a slight bend, the cover slightly raised wave.

    How to draw a book with a pencil in stages. Step 2.

  3. Draw light lines hall from the book cover. Different by the pressure of the pencil proroute page.
    Pay attention to little things like, for example, slightly curved area of the cover, depicting the little things You relive the drawing!
    Don't forget to draw the shadow from the cover on the bottom of the page. And prismotris carefully You will see that the shadow is never homogeneous, is it lighter, somewhere darker.
    The area with the pages not smooth, but with the "indent".

    How to draw a book with a pencil in stages. Step 3.

  4. Add shadows on the pages at the bend, drop shadow from the book on the table. Use different shading - experiment!
    Add as many details, such as the title and labels for the book. Here they are drawn in haste, but if You draw them with a repetition of the font, the picture will become even more accurate. It all depends on the goals and desires!

    How to draw a book with a pencil in stages. Step 5.

  5. Drawing details add this nakladacku and the shadow from it on the pages of the book on the table.
    How to draw a book with a pencil in stages. Step 6.

So, our book is ready! Good future practice!