How to draw a violet pencil step by step? Drawing lesson colored karadashli.
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How to draw a violet pencil?

In this lesson we draw with colored pencils.

Get a set of colored Karnataka that You have the appropriate paper. Bcmag at Your discretion may be grainy or smooth as paper. On grainy paper pencil falls velvety, as if clinging to the surface and very good gaining color. On a smooth, Vice versa, cernadas slides on the surface. If You want to draw to clearly read the shading, it is better to take more than smooth paper, but it's worse gaining color, unlike the first.

About colored pencils, we talked a little more here.

Today we will draw a violet. Take this pencil blue-purple range - for flowers and yellow-green scale - leaves.

  1. Simple graphite pencil sketching the outlines of our flower. Do a light sketch lines - then they will not interfere.
    It is useful to have the kljachko, it helps to remove too intense line.

    How to draw a violet pencil step by step? Step 1.

    Draw the initial sketch of violets.

  2. Then start to fill in the color of our flower. Walk CEE tion pencils suitable colour for each part of the picture.
    The petals of the flower are the streaks in one direction from the center to the edges. You are there and put purple and blue streaks.
    At this stage you do not need much pressure on the pencil.
    How to draw a violet pencil step by step? Step 2.

    Blend the first layer of color.

  3. Then clearer and bolder pencil work.
    The petals are darker in the center and toward the edges of the color intensity less. In some places visible to souse white stripes.
    The green leaves are also not uniform in color - lighter, darker, warmer, colder - use different shades.
    Where flower hanging over the sheet don't forget to pave the shadow. used the color Indigo. Shadows of varying intensity.
    On the convex часnz[ leaves leave a light place and places glare.

    How to draw a violet pencil step by step? Step 3.

    Finalizing violet.

    So, promotrice on your drawing, if something it does not like, then draw.

    Our drawing is ready!