How to draw a pencil garlic in stages? Lessons pastel.
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How to draw pencil garlic? 

Today we have a lesson of drawing with pastels. We will do a quick sketch of garlic.
For drawing prepare a standard set, a suitable paper for pastels, pencil, eraser, crayons, or pencils, pastels, tissue paper for hands.
Paper is best to take neutral colors - beige, grey - the most suitable options. Over time, you will be able to take brighter and more saturated colors.
So, our sketch will take very little time, the process is much more :-))
Take a suitable set of crayons or pencils. In the corner of the sheet I showed what colors painted.

  1. Will do an initial sketch of garlic. You can use a simple pencil, pastel pencil or chalk. Draw a slice of garlic and a whole head. Place on a sheet as you like. Until you've studied the rules of placement of objects on the worksheet, you can rely on intuition.

    How to draw a garlic pencil stages? Step 1.

    Draw the initial sketch of garlic.

  2. Begin to apply color. Use cream and brown shades, muted orange, gray and purple in the shadows and white.
    If some colors in your palette are absent, work out to achieve the right color by mixing colors with each other. But, if you are not sure about the result, do it on the next piece, so as not to spoil the picture.

    How to draw a garlic pencil stages? Step 2.

    Do the first coating of color.

  3. Causing the first layer of color to gently blend the pastels with your finger (or shading, so if you prefer). Don't overdo it. On paper should remain intended color. Some places can Shine through the texture of the paper, but it's not terrible.
    Please note - the light source is in our case sowing, respectively the right side is shaded and a drop shadow is cast also on the right.
    For shade use a deep blue-green. The shadow will not permanite, here I barely rubbed and left to the light texture of the paper.

    How to draw a garlic pencil stages? Step 3.

    Shaded the first layer of pastel.

  4. Strengthen the intensity of the color where it is needed. Sometimes it is possible to shade, and somewhere to leave the finishing touches.
    Please note, our garlic color is warmer inside, and the outside is colder. Therefore, more cream, yellow, brown use inside and outside of garlic - more purple and grey and less yellow.

    How to draw a garlic pencil stages? Step 4.

    Added contrast and shadows.

Our figure is ready!