How to draw an orange pastel pencils?
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How to draw a pastel orange?

In this lesson we've drawn with your orange crayon. Now we will draw again the orange, but we will take a slightly different angle. Draw slices of an orange and orange crust.

Take a standard set of materials: pastel pencils and chalks, paper for pastels, eraser, clean cloth for hands or a wet cloth, as RUB the pastels mostly fingers.

Let's get started.

  1. Will do a quick sketch form. To do this better than fine right color or pastel pencil because a pencil pastels to go bad.
    For this drawing will take crayons yellow-orange scales and cold shades of blue for shadows.

    How to draw spoon pencil stages? Step 1.

    Draw the initial sketch of the orange.

  2. Further yellow-orange colour from the centre to the edges, draw the rays. In the center of the intended yellow middle and for internal circuit use the same color. As for orange peel will get rich orange color and bright yellow.
    Outline of the shadow.

    How to draw spoon pencil stages? Step 2.

    Add to the picture color.

  3. The next step confident and tighter by the added touches of orange color in the middle of the orange leaving the middle empty. Also platnium color on an orange peel, previously lightly feather the first layer. The inner side of the peel is pale yellow.

    How to draw spoon pencil stages? Step 3.

    Sealing the color in the picture.

  4. Add a pale yellow with streaks of orange.
    The shade I have here is not shaded.

    How to draw spoon pencil stages? Step 4.

    Added contrast and shadows.

Our figure is ready!